My name in meat


Ok, look at the banner above, this is the story of how it came about:

Don’t think I’ve been planning this,there was no months of preparation.

I was up late doing a coding session and fancied a lamb and rosemary sandwich. but while cutting the lamb I noticed how easy it was to use the lamb as a method of communication.

Your name in meat? Is this the new way?

Your name in meat? Is this the new way?

What next? Lamb-verts? Sponsored meat? Ad-beef? Pork-words? The possibilities are endless…

If you want to sponsor my next sandwich, then please leave a comment.

Are you having a Windows 7 party?


Ok, I’ve got Windows 7 now, do I need to organise a launch party? Well why not? any excuse for a party is good especially in these grim times…

But aren’t these people a little too geeky even for my tastes?

So far I think Windows 7 is cool, appart from some problems with Firefox it’s been a dream to install and the new features are mostly benificial. But I don’t want to get carried away. A lot of the new features should have been addressed a long time ago and this won’t halt the migration from the desktop to more flexible mobile devices for the masses (iPhone, netbooks et al). Keep trying Microsoft the wars not over yet (ever).

Oh and if anyone thinks this isn’t real, very sorry to say visit: I know I will 🙂