New Google APP Inventer for Android


Google have released a beta version of App Inventor, this allows anyone to build Apps for the Android OS without knowledge of how to program.

Apps are created with drag and drop of visual tools onto a window, like a beginners version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio, however the code logic and maths functions that drive the app are also built with simple drag and drop actions.

Some people might say that this will result in some very inefficient code, but it really doesn’t matter at the level of APPs this is aimed at.

The fact is this seriously gives app development to the people; and it’s going to be interesting if they respond to it.

I have signed up to it. So hope to get more info soon.

Google have been working behind the scenes on this for a year now so the product looks really good (from the videos anyway) for a beta.

You can sign up at APP Inventor


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