Duck Hunting

Ok, I’m not really hunting ducks!

Let me explain further, I am a developer and I’m about to undertake a 30 day experiment in order to fast forward the application I want to develop.

This application is called business duck (I know, sounds silly but please read on) It is a service that will help people manage their businesses and hopefully stay afloat during that all important first year.

I am a commercial freelance developer and when I’m working on contract for someone 9-5 I know a month goes by very quickly; but here I will not obey 9-5 and hopefully I’ll get a lot more done this way.

So I left the wife and kids, the cat and all the client work behind in London and moved up North to my Dad’s house for the next 30 days. I will try and get as much functionality working on Business Duck as possible; hence the title. I will be keeping a diary of how I get on here.

The tools

I will be building the app. with visual studio 2015, c#, MVC5, jQuery, Entity Framework 6 and SQL Server.

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