Duck -Day 3


You can’t get too complacent in this game, I had a terrible day today, I have created 1 entity model Entities.edmx generated from the SQL db and that had been fine all day.

Suddenly it stops working and I’m getting the error:

MetadataException: Unable to load the specified metadata resource

I tried deleting and recreating the edmx file, no change. Renaming it then changing the code, still nothing. I checked the connection string, it was creating and it looked fine:

connectionString=”metadata=res://*/Entities.csdl|res://*/Entities.ssdl|res://*/Entities.msl;provider=System.Data.SqlClient;provider connection string="data source=xxxx;initial catalog=ctl;multipleactiveresultsets=True;application name=EntityFramework"” providerName=”System.Data.EntityClient”

It wasn’t looking good, so off to Google and Stackoverflow et al. I eventually came across this:

The answer that worked for me was to simply enter the assemblyname to replace the * in the connection string I then deleted and regenerated the same name edmx file in the wizard and ignored the generated connection string, but I suspect it would of worked as is and was probably just superstitious at the time.

Not sure how the problem happened, it might of been when I was regenerating the entity model.

I used to delete the model and regenerate it after a significant amount of stored procedure changes have occurred, but from now on I will only do a refresh for table changes and remove and re-add stored procedures to get the latest ones. My previous method messed up TFS anyway.

Good to see the code working again… good night.

Duck Hunt – Day 2


Started putting the app. together, using code first even though I have some legacy SQL Server tables I’d like to include, lets do this right!

I’ve got a basic wish list of modules I think are essential to finish before I can get beta testers near the code:

Login and password management

Sounds like a lot at the moment, but if I can get the bulk of it done it will have been worth it.

I’m not sure how much detail to put in here as I’ve no idea who my audience is or will be (or if there even is one) So apologies if this is too technical or not technical enough.

Duck Hunting


Ok, I’m not really hunting ducks!

Let me explain further, I am a developer and I’m about to undertake a 30 day experiment in order to fast forward the application I want to develop.

This application is called business duck (I know, sounds silly but please read on) It is a service that will help people manage their businesses and hopefully stay afloat during that all important first year.

I am a commercial freelance developer and when I’m working on contract for someone 9-5 I know a month goes by very quickly; but here I will not obey 9-5 and hopefully I’ll get a lot more done this way.

So I left the wife and kids, the cat and all the client work behind in London and moved up North to my Dad’s house for the next 30 days. I will try and get as much functionality working on Business Duck as possible; hence the title. I will be keeping a diary of how I get on here.

The tools

I will be building the app. with visual studio 2015, c#, MVC5, jQuery, Entity Framework 6 and SQL Server.

iPhone… the waiting!


Ok, so I finally did it. I’ve commited to building some iPhone apps. The mac has been ordered, a mac mini with 4gb memory and 360hd.

The developer community has been joined and now we wait.

No idea where this is going to go. it’s exciting but nervous at the same time.

I’ve got some ideas for some free apps that I want to introduce and will put some of the tech details here. But beyond that I do not know, hoping for some inspiration.

Any suggestions or ideas for new iPhone apps to develop will be gladly received.

I guess I will start with a simple text based app, it’s hard to think of something useful and (hopefully) interesting.

At this point it’s more about learning the basic app structure and the development language objective c. Later I will research the competition of which there are many and they have very talented teams.

A bit daunting for a newcomer believe me.

Image button found guilty of not being valid xhtml horror!!!


The .net image button seems so innocent but a trip over to and the html validator soon exposes the terrible truth. Prepare yourself for this, sit down, have a large brandy ready… It renders border=”0″ even though you haven’t put one in there yourself! try it! Put any xhtml 1.0 transitional site into the validator:

And watch in utter horror while your site is rejected as a bad example to kids everywhere.

So what is going on here? And is there anyway out?

Well after some digging I found an excellent article:

It turns out the validator is unrecognised as a browser type to and so is presented with html 4.0 instead of xhtml, hence the border=”0″ debarkle.

Is there a workaround? Yes there is either don’t use image buttons or put this in your web.config:

case match=W3C_Validator*>
TagWriter = System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter
W3CDomVersion = 1.0

A solution to a weird problem, but necessary if like me you want that green tick 🙂