Flash Video not running on IIS 6 windows server 2003


Seen this one before but while chatting with some (tech) friends I discovered most seemed to think that this should just work out of the box, well unfortunately it doesn’t. But adding support on you windows driven website isn’t that hard, just a few short steps. So I thought it might be useful to explain here:

You need to add the .flv MIME type to IIS:

First click on the site to configure in IIS, right click – select “Properties”.

Under HTTP Headers Tab, select “File Types” button under the MIME Map section and select “New Type”

Lastly Type “.flv” as the associated extension and “video/x-flv” as the content type and Select “OK”

There you have it, flash videos should now work on that site. See you later


SQL Server 2008 finally we can script data


I was at the UK launch of SQL Server, but a lot of that event seemed to focus on some very niche features, new location type data, the usual better performance stats and better reporting facilities.

While these are great, I dispair at the loss of the open table, now we open top 200 for editing. I understand that the open table was not efficient but it was handy when something has gone wrong at the 11th hour; so why not just give both options? you can do the top 200 on a production machine, but use the open table where you need to check out all the data.

I have been jeolous of mySQL for a while now, they had script objects and data; this was something I used to use in the 80’s with Artemis (awsome project management software) so disapointed that it didn’t exist in SQLServer. But now in SQL Server 2008 it’s there!!!! on the database name in the tree control select tasks/generate scripts. The wizzard take you through what you want select data in the wizzard and BINGO !  You get the structure of the database and the data, in a .sql file (text file) this is usually a fraction of the size of a database backup and as it’s in text format is really difficult to corrupt or have other problems.

Life is indeed great again!

I never want to see that dog again!!!!


Ok call me cruel but even with it’s big brown eyes looking at me I hate it, I hate it sooo much…

Sorry for being negative, but you must know the scenario; I know I have a document somewhere can’t remember the  name but it mentioned “Thomas Jones” or “Project proteus” or “something that I wouldn’t normally put into a document” and I need to find it. Time is running out the pressure is on.

But I’m using MS Windows so everything is fine this is a professional operating system that has been perfected over the last 23 years right?

That windows dog, just doesnt help when youre in a panic

That windows dog, just doesn't help when you're in a panic


Then I see the dreaded dog winking at me:

The other day was even worse, I totally forgot of the windows search’s dislike of source code! (How could I have forgotten that? Stupid Dave! Stupid!) After a tense 30 minutes nothing relevant was found. “I hate that Dog!” I gasped. Luckily for me Andrew Lister (of http://slicedorange.co.uk fame) was in the office. “Have you used Wingrep?” he calmly chipped in. “No” I answered. “It’s good” he added. Joy of joys Wingrep is good! Tiny install finds everything, is quite fast (considering it does no indexing unlike the horrible google desktop search and the Microsoft one  they really slow your system down indexing everything) it’s my search of choice from now on – highly recommended. Nice one Andrew.

A screenshot of wingrep, nice and easy wizzard, fast and light interface.

A screenshot of wingrep, nice and easy wizzard, fast and light interface.

Get your free copy at http://www.wingrep.com/ should you find it useful please pay the author.