New google is available for testing by developers

Google has announced on the official webmaster central blog that the next version of Google search is available for developer testing. It looks the same but there have been radical changes to the underlying algorithms this should make the results more relevant and better quality. You can find the new search engine at: At first glance,it's downgraded my site :-( not too happy with that... Bing...

Have you taken the blind search test?

You might think that you prefer Google,but what would you choose if you didn't know what search engine you are using and just had to choose based on the results? Now you can find out at if you do try it please leave a comment with what you're results are I'd love to know. Finally we can have...

Dave working with Neil Read

I've been working with Neil Read this week, we've come up with some revolutionary social networking techniques to promote websites, watch this...

Changing things around

I am going to change my tech blog to and focus this blog on SEO, Traffic generation and Internet Marketing. I've been studying Alex Jeffreys internet marketing course and now it's time to put some of that into action. I'm actually really getting excited about the...

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