My name in meat

Ok, look at the banner above, this is the story of how it came about: Don't think I've been planning this,there was no months of preparation. I was up late doing a coding session and fancied a lamb and rosemary sandwich. but while cutting the lamb I noticed how easy it was to use the lamb as a method of communication. What next? Lamb-verts? Sponsored meat? Ad-beef? Pork-words? The possibilities are endless... If you want to sponsor my next sandwich, then please leave a...

Are you having a Windows 7 party?

Ok, I've got Windows 7 now, do I need to organise a launch party? Well why not? any excuse for a party is good especially in these grim times... But aren't these people a little too geeky even for my tastes? So far I think Windows 7 is cool, appart from some problems with Firefox it's been a dream to install and the new features are mostly benificial. But I don't want to get carried away. A lot of the new features should have been addressed a long time ago and this won't halt the...

Attack of the Giant Wasps

  It sounds like a 1960s Japanese si-fi 'B' movie plot but it's true. Rie (My better half) and the kids are in Japan staying with her parents. Well they have a Japanese Giant Hornet (or Wasp) problem. Sounds scary enough I hate normal wasps, then I did a bit of searching on the internet... WTH! Those things are horrible. You can read about these monsters here Wikipedia Article Here is a video of them attacking a honey bee hive:   Interestingly this hive is not a native...

Plants invade Twitter!

botanicall- I want one! This is great, why should the internet only be for humans? With this kit you can put your favorite plant on the internet and allow it to express it's inner feelings!! Cool or what? How does it work? The device detects the moisture levels of the plant's soil and based on predefined levels will send a twitter to a specified Twitter account (for those who don't already know twitter is a micro-blogging social network site- A neat little...

High Definition video on youtube!

This is cool! Did you know that you can watch youtube videos in HD? Goto the youtube video that you want to see and type &fmt=18 And enjoy a better youtube...

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