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Image button found guilty of not being valid xhtml horror!!!

The .net image button seems so innocent but a trip over to and the html validator soon exposes the terrible truth. Prepare yourself for this, sit down, have a large brandy ready... It renders border="0" even though you haven't put one in there yourself! try it! Put any xhtml 1.0 transitional site into the validator: And watch in utter horror while your site is rejected as a bad example to kids everywhere. So what is going on here? And is there anyway...

New BBC News website sucks! 7 things I hate about bbc news.

I'm sorry but this is what I believe. I have had a lot of problems with the BBC news site in the past: 1. most read, most email varies depending on what page you're on! How is that possible? 2.Video/Audio/text content is only available in 1 form, you need to support at least text, but many stories are video only. Why? At least have a subtitles option. 3. "Scientists say" stories! Tea is good for you, tea is bad for you... etc. etc. no evidence, rarely do they even bother to name the...

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