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This is a great example of reverse psychology advertising. We care because we want to beat them. They obviously don’t want us to beat them but want us to keep trying. Ultimately they are right we cannot beat them, logically it would be better not to try as it is a futile endeavor. Or am I reading too much into it?

It’s a clock, it’s advertising, it’s dancing!



Here is what I think is one of the most innovative pieces of advertising I’ve seen for a while, it’s a website for a Japanese clothes store but they have made it a bit more compelling than a normal clothes website.

uniqlock - this is the clock bit

uniqlock - this is the clock bit

It starts off as a clock showing the local Tokyo time with some very addictive music in the background.

This shows a dance routine

This shows a dance routine

After 5 seconds we see our first dance routine, the routines are flash video and are very high quality full screen. The trick is that the video buffers while the clock shows and that makes the site responsive and sharp on even the slowest of computers with the slowest of connections (still broadband though).

Another dance routine, there are loads of them randomized

Another dance routine, there are loads of them randomised

The routines are randomized so it rarely gets boring, it gets very addictive although more changes in the music would have been better.

Check it out for yourself:


or check out summer season:


and for the winter collection (yes they have thought of that too):