SQL Server 2008 finally we can script data


I was at the UK launch of SQL Server, but a lot of that event seemed to focus on some very niche features, new location type data, the usual better performance stats and better reporting facilities.

While these are great, I dispair at the loss of the open table, now we open top 200 for editing. I understand that the open table was not efficient but it was handy when something has gone wrong at the 11th hour; so why not just give both options? you can do the top 200 on a production machine, but use the open table where you need to check out all the data.

I have been jeolous of mySQL for a while now, they had script objects and data; this was something I used to use in the 80’s with Artemis (awsome project management software) so disapointed that it didn’t exist in SQLServer. But now in SQL Server 2008 it’s there!!!! on the database name in the tree control select tasks/generate scripts. The wizzard take you through what you want select data in the wizzard and BINGO !  You get the structure of the database and the data, in a .sql file (text file) this is usually a fraction of the size of a database backup and as it’s in text format is really difficult to corrupt or have other problems.

Life is indeed great again!

Plants invade Twitter!


botanicall- I want one!
This is great, why should the internet only be for humans?

With this kit you can put your favorite plant on the internet and allow it to express it’s inner feelings!! Cool or what?

How does it work?
The device detects the moisture levels of the plant’s soil and based on predefined levels will send a twitter to a specified Twitter account (for those who don’t already know twitter is a micro-blogging social network site- http://twitter.com)

The botanicalls 2 kit lets your plant use twitter

The botanicalls 2 kit lets your plant use twitter

A neat little package the kit plugs into your switch/router/hub to get onto the internet and send those all important tweets, add your mobile number to twitter and your plant now has the ability to send you an SMS when it’s thirsty! And I thought plants were boring…


The botanicall in action, you can just about see the probes at in the soil and the ethernet cable is plugged in

The botanicall in action, you can just about see the probes at in the soil and the ethernet cable is plugged in

I found a live example of the device in action http://twitter.com/pothos Cool!

At $149.00 it’s not that cheap but if you’re serious about your plants welfare, in my opinion it’s essential.

So where can you get one?


It’s a clock, it’s advertising, it’s dancing!



Here is what I think is one of the most innovative pieces of advertising I’ve seen for a while, it’s a website for a Japanese clothes store but they have made it a bit more compelling than a normal clothes website.

uniqlock - this is the clock bit

uniqlock - this is the clock bit

It starts off as a clock showing the local Tokyo time with some very addictive music in the background.

This shows a dance routine

This shows a dance routine

After 5 seconds we see our first dance routine, the routines are flash video and are very high quality full screen. The trick is that the video buffers while the clock shows and that makes the site responsive and sharp on even the slowest of computers with the slowest of connections (still broadband though).

Another dance routine, there are loads of them randomized

Another dance routine, there are loads of them randomised

The routines are randomized so it rarely gets boring, it gets very addictive although more changes in the music would have been better.

Check it out for yourself:


or check out summer season:


and for the winter collection (yes they have thought of that too):