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We are Nintendo!

[youtube=] This is a great example of reverse psychology advertising. We care because we want to beat them. They obviously don't want us to beat them but want us to keep trying. Ultimately they are right we cannot beat them, logically it would be better not to try as it is a futile endeavor. Or am I reading too much into...

Hotel Spa and Ueda old town

We went to a hotel spa in Komoro, it was much posher than the public spa but a lot smaller. Granda managed not to get lost or lose his clothes this time! For obvious reasons I didn't take any photos there as we're naked again :-) Afterwards we had lunch which was a Chinese banquet - very nice i especially liked the noodles. Not sure why I didn't take photos of that, maybe just focusing on the food :-) Can't be taking photos all the...

Giant Wasp museum pt1

We went through the door and were welcomed by the lady that runs the place, we took off our shoes and put on the slippers provided and entered the world of the giant wasp... tune in tomorrow and find out the surprising...

Komoro old town

We start the day with Setsubun, as it's 3rd Feb. Setsubun is the festival to get rid of demons and therefore bring good luck. They have big celebrations at shrines and temples all around Japan in Kyoto they take have a big event Ok and so to Komoro... It's a bit spooky, theres no one around but us, very unusual for England let alone...

Day 7- A Volcano erupts!

The place we were staying at Tomi city is dominated by  mountains all around and the most impressive is the Asama volcano, it is covered with snow, very beautiful. Then 2am on 2nd Feb the volcano erupted, #Bing bong bing# there is an anouncement system wired into the telephone system keeps the local people abreast of events such as earth quakes and volcanos. The girl announced (in Japanese of course) that the volcano had erupted but that it was within safety margins, although there was...

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