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Flash Video not running on IIS 6 windows server 2003

Seen this one before but while chatting with some (tech) friends I discovered most seemed to think that this should just work out of the box, well unfortunately it doesn't. But adding support on you windows driven website isn't that hard, just a few short steps. So I thought it might be useful to explain here: You need to add the .flv MIME type to IIS: First click on the site to configure in IIS, right click - select "Properties". Under HTTP Headers Tab, select "File Types" button...

Twitter is great!

Ok, so I have this problem, I need to find out which is the best domain registration service. Why not try twitter I thought so I twittered the question. To my amazement in just a few short minutes dozens of replies :-) Twitter is really great, maybe not in the way people think it is. Just out of interest most people seemed to recommend as the best domain registration...

New BBC News website sucks! 7 things I hate about bbc news.

I'm sorry but this is what I believe. I have had a lot of problems with the BBC news site in the past: 1. most read, most email varies depending on what page you're on! How is that possible? 2.Video/Audio/text content is only available in 1 form, you need to support at least text, but many stories are video only. Why? At least have a subtitles option. 3. "Scientists say" stories! Tea is good for you, tea is bad for you... etc. etc. no evidence, rarely do they even bother to name the...

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