the tape deck

So anyway I was at uni in my first year 1987, nothing to do and no money. My mate Mike had a tape deck, it was stereo but he had thought it would be cool to separate the right speaker so he could have the sound all around his room. Unfortunately, he did this with little or no knowledge of electronics and a saw and afterward realised he had cut thru the main circuit board leaving the system inoperable.

He gave it to me in a carry bag, wires were broken, the case was in two, it was a “right mess mate”, but “you can have it dave”, I guess he felt sorry for me, but not that much.

Anyway, after a few hours of simple rewiring, soldering and a lot of electrical tape I had it back together again, playing in all its glory, I do believe he was jealous as it sang out with bowie et al at full 80s blast.

The tape always looks better on the other side. What was once dead now lives again.

Dave Riley loves the Internet and has been online since 1993, he is a software developer, internet marketer and MBA student. Over 22 years of software development experience.

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