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Dave Riley loves the Internet and has been online since 1993, he is a software developer, internet marketer and MBA student. Over 22 years of software development experience.

Ok next try is a Windows browser based on Chrome using the open source.

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Building the surfer browser Mk1, I thought I’d do an online version as this would be convenient and not require any installation on the users device. Seems reasonable enough? Until I noticed some of the sites not appearing, many commercial …

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So I wanted a way to see the news on various sites in sequence, without me having to type them into a browser every time. would be good if it could “scan” each sites front page allow me to pause …

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So anyway I was at uni in my first year 1987, nothing to do and no money. My mate Mike had a tape deck, it was stereo but he had thought it would be cool to separate the right speaker …

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You can’t get too complacent in this game, I had a terrible day today, I have created 1 entity model Entities.edmx generated from the SQL db and that had been fine all day. Suddenly it stops working and I’m getting …

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