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Seen this one before but while chatting with some (tech) friends I discovered most seemed to think that this should just work out of the box, well unfortunately it doesn’t. But adding support on you windows driven website isn’t that …

Flash Video not running on IIS 6 windows server 2003 Read More »

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Ok, so I have this problem, I need to find out which is the best domain registration service. Why not try twitter I thought so I twittered the question. To my amazement in just a few short minutes dozens of …

Twitter is great! Read More »

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I’m sorry but this is what I believe. I have had a lot of problems with the BBC news site in the past: 1. most read, most email varies depending on what page you’re on! How is that possible? 2.Video/Audio/text …

New BBC News website sucks! 7 things I hate about bbc news. Read More »

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